Community Outreach 

AmeriCorps VISTA Position (date posted: 05/24/2021)

This VISTA’s role will be to work with Canopy staff and partners to create and implement a website and social media strategy and build social media audiences that will last and continue to grow even after they are no longer working with Canopy. Key activities include developing best practices, such as campaign schedules, content calendars, and updating and maintaining Canopy website structure. By creating and building these improved communication methods and mediums residents who desperately need the services we provide will have increased knowledge about and access to resources that will help reduce poverty and empower communities. By increasing our partners and partnerships with the community the result will be increased resources, services, and overall access for our most vulnerable and impoverished population, children/youth. Increased access will lead to a decrease in their experience of poverty. Presently, there are only 34 of the 58 total suburbs in Cuyahoga County that are familiar with Canopy. The scope of work will build on each year’s previous progress in creating, building, and managing new partnerships and increasing our community awareness opportunities. Initial work will include research and relationship/opportunity creation, the next phase will be integration, and then management.


Grants & Donor Engagement

AmeriCorps VISTA Position (date posted: 05/24/2021)

This VISTA’s role will be explore additional funding sources for Canopy, helping to enhance current funding applications/reports, and analyze donor data. Key activities include improving collaboration with existing Board/Committee volunteers for fundraising event preparation/logistics, researching new funders and providing enhanced community and program data, and increase capacity for analysis of current and prospective donors, particularly major gifts.


Employment Opportunities

Operations Manager Position

(Date posted: 03/02/2021)


This is a full-time administrative/direct service position with responsibility for supervising ongoing operations, representing Canopy in the community, assuring effective working relationships among the disciplines, departments, and agencies essential to the Canopy Child Advocacy Center success, as well as working directly with primary and secondary child and adolescent victims.

Essential Job Functions: 

  1. Assist the Canopy Director with daily operations, including being accessible for all clients and all direct service staff for crisis management, safety planning, interventions, and follow up.

  2. Work collaboratively with Canopy Director to monitor compliance and performance measures.

  3. Take lead on program evaluation, including data collection, survey analysis, maintenance of electronic client records, and Multidisciplinary Team case tracking.

  4. Draft program reports and narratives, in coordination with Canopy Director.

  5. Rotate on-call triage and advocacy services for emergency after-hours and weekend referrals.

  6. Monitor case flow to ensure comprehensive, coordinated response and seamless service delivery and lead Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) case review meetings.

  7. Ensure adequate program supplies are available throughout center.

  8. Devise related policies, procedures, and forms in partnership with Canopy Director.

  9. Assist with hiring and training personnel in partnership with Canopy Director.

  10. Arrange and plan training for staff and community and design and implement community awareness programs.

  11. Stay current with child abuse issues, crisis intervention methodologies, and advocacy best practices.

  12. Ensure Canopy CAC maintains National Children’s Alliance accreditation standards, including regular review of adherence policies and procedures, including policy training and implementation.

  13. Maintain personnel files.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Any other duties or special projects as needed or assigned.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience in program planning and supervision. Master’s Degree and licensure preferred.

  2. Experience in crisis intervention, sexual abuse, domestic violence, child development, the criminal justice system, medical social work and/or related areas.

  3. Strong interpersonal, writing, public speaking, and organizational skills.

  4. Must believe in and demonstrate a team concept of management.

  5. Strong leadership and administrative experience.

  6. Experience working with multidisciplinary team(s).

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics:

  1. Must operate effectively as part of a team.

  2. Commitment to child abuse prevention.

  3. Experience in hiring and supervising staff and volunteers.

  4. Experience in program planning, including outreach and group work.

  5. Experience in and commitment to building and supporting trauma informed organizations committed to equity, inclusion, and advocacy.

  6. Excellent organizational skills.

  7. Excellent communication skills, including reporting and public speaking.

  8. Ability to motivate others to be effective team players.

  9. Ability to initiate and complete multiple tasks on time.

  10. Ability to incorporate values of shared responsibility; open, honest, and direct communication; respect for others and celebration of diversity into assigned duties.


  1. Communicate with others in person, electronically or by phone on a consistent basis.

  2. Must be willing to be flexible with hours.

  3. Regular and predictable attendance.

If interested in applying, please submit a resume and cover letter to